Solid ground curing

Consultas sobre qué son los procesos, cuáles son los requieridos por la norma, elaboración de las fichas de procesos, su representación gráfica y el mapa de procesos del SGC para tu empresa o proyecto.

Solid ground curing

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Solid ground curing (SGC) is a photo-polymer-based additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) technology used for producing models, prototypes, patterns, and production parts, in which the production of the layer geometry is carried out by means of a high-powered UV lamp through a mask. As the basis of solid ground curing is the exposure of each layer of the model by means of a lamp through a mask, the processing time for the generation of a layer is independent of the complexity of the layer. SGC was developed and commercialized by Cubital Ltd. of Israel in 1986 in the alternative name of Solider System. While the method offered good accuracy and a very high fabrication rate, it suffered from high acquisition and operating costs due to system complexity. This led to poor market acceptance. While the company still exists, systems are no longer being sold. Nevertheless, it's still an interesting example of the many technologies other than stereolithography, its predeceasing rapid prototyping process that also utilizes photo-polymer materials. Though Objet Geometries Ltd. of Israel retains intellectual property of the process after the closure of Cubital Ltd. in 2002,the technology is no longer being produced.

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