How to be cheap and safe: 2 QMS on 1 Server

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How to be cheap and safe: 2 QMS on 1 Server

Postby JesseVoss » Thu 19 Jul 2018 6:57 am


If I have a WIN2000 server that I want to install 2 Queue managers on (1 for DEV testing and 1 for QA testing), what are the things I can do to make the possibility of one environment effecting the other one as slim as possible? I plan on having the C drive used for O/S stuff, the E drive will be for DEV and the F drive will be for QA. I know I can easily choose what the log paths should be at QM creation time, so I can keep QA and DEV logs separate. But what about all the other files? At install time, you have to choose where to keep all this stuff, so the DEV and QA files would all be on the same drive. Is this an issue? Any way to separate them?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Re: How to be cheap and safe: 2 QMS on 1 Server

Postby funnyjokes » Sat 08 Sep 2018 2:44 am

I vote both, when I vote down I definitely state why. I think that if someone voted down without a comment I would find the person and ask why they voted down.
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